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We have reviewed the top ten best hide ip software VPN programs comparing prices, payment options, software features, server locations, customer service and reliability. Here’s our review for Hide IP VPN software.


Hide My Ass voted best hide IP software VPN

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Hide Ip VPN allows you to choose from packages depending on how many different country IP’s you will require. If you only need IP’s from one country such as the UK, US, Canada or Germany a monthly VPN with IP’s from one country will cost as little as $5.99 per month. If you require IP’s from more than one country Hide IP VPN offers larger packages of IP’s from three or more countries ranging from $7.90 to $14.99.

Payment Options



Hide IP VPN offers a fair range of payment options including Paypal, all major credit cards and Google Checkout.




Hide IP VPN is fairly reliable but we did experience some ‘drop-outs’ and loss of connection during testing. Hide IP VPN does not guarantee fast speeds so you may experience a decrease in speed while using this VPN service.

Software Features



Hide IP VPN software is very simple and easy to use and have setup guides available on their website. Hide IP VPN software does not work with some online based programs such as peer-to-peer programs.

Server Locations



We rate Hide IP VPN two out of five stars for server location as their range is more limited than other VPN programs we have tested. The server locations available to customers is further limited by each country location being divided into separate VPN packages.

Customer Service



Unfortunately Hide IP VPN is another VPN company that has limited to technical/customer support to online ticket submission only.


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